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Gray Hat Hacking ebook latest 5th Edition (Amazon Download / Direct Download)

Hacking Exposed 7th Edition Amazon ( Amazon Download)

Gray Hat Hacking ebook latest 5th Edition ( Amazon / Direct Download )

OWASP Testing Guide v4 (Direct Download)

AWS Certified Gdrive Link

CCIE Certified Gdrive link

CCNP Certified Gdrive Link

CCNA Certified Gdrive Link

CompTIA Certified Gdrive Link

Cyber_Security Certified Gdrive Link

Fortinet Certification Gdrive Link

Hadoop Certification GDrive link

Huawei Gdrive Link

Linux Certification Gdrive Link

Microsoft Certification GDrive Link

Mikrotik Certification GDRIVE LINK

Oracle Certification GDrive Link

Palo Alto GDrive Link

Python Certification GDrive Link

Springer Books Certification GDrive Link

Virtualization Certification GDrive Link

Wireshark Certification GDrive Link

Batch No​Size​Date Added​Download Links​ Freepik Premium
0110GB28-02-2020 (mega)
(gdrive) (mediafire)​
0210GB26-03-2020 (mega) (gdrive)​
0310GB18-04-2020 (mega)​
0410GB01-05-2020 (mega)​

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